20 POINT Seasonal Safety Check

  1. Check operation & condition of all lights, bulbs and lenses
  2. Check fuel system for leaks and condition of pipes
  3. Check operation of horn
  4. Check cooling systems for leaks and condition of hoses.
  5. Check anti-freeze/coolant content
  6. Check auxiliary belt condition
  7. Check power steering fluid level
  8. Check engine oil and brake fluid levels
  9. Visually inspect brake pads and discs
  10. Inspect wheel cylinders for leaks and operation (through back plates)
  11. Check brake pipes for leaks, chafing & corrosion
  12. Check windscreen, wipers & mirror glasses
  13. Check operation of windscreen washers
  14. Check battery and charging system
  15. Check front and rear suspension components
  16. Check shock absorbers performance
  17. Check steering condition & operation
  18. Check exhaust system & emissions (visual check)
  19. Check exterior body condition as per MOT standards
  20. Check tyre tread depth and condition