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Air Conditioning

“Your A/C system holds bacteria which causes bad odours resulting in an unpleasant driving experience.”

“Create your own climate”

Mother nature may control the climate outside of your car, but inside you are in control. The ability to create your own climate is a luxury one should never be without.

Regular checks on your air conditioning system will insure you remain in control and keep the unwanted pollution, fumes and noise out of harms way.

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Stay cool on every journey!

A serviced air conditioning system is also an important safety feature, when comfortable, you can have a higher level of concentration and so drive more safely. Passengers can stay fresh and more relaxed allowing all to enjoy what ever journey you take.

Like all aspects of a vehicle, your air conditioning system needs to be checked and maintained at regular intervals to perform to the high standards expected. Failure to care for your system can result in:

  1. watery eyes, sneezing and coughing caused by particles in the recycled air

  2. unpleasant mouldy odours when using the system

  3. poor performance from the system

  4. windows can become steamed up

  5. more expensive repairs as a result of corrosion and wear

Our air conditioning experts are fully F gas certified and comply with all EU regulations. We offer a thorough inspection specifically designed to find any faults or failings in the system before they affect performance and cause expensive damage. The service includes:

  1. A comprehensive operational inspection

  2. A visual inspection of the air conditioning system for damage and contamination

  3. inspection for leaks

  4. A full evacuation and re-gas of the system, digitally filled (in grams) to the exact manufacturers specification

  5. An addition of a ultra violet leak detection dye to help diagnose and potential future leaks

  6. A technical performance check and detailed inspection report

Have your air conditioning checked and sanitised. You’re A/C system holds bacteria which can result in bad odours in your car and an unpleasant driving experience. Book in for an A/C refrigerant and system service and say goodbye to those unpleasant smells and keep your car clean, fresh and ice cool during those hot summers.